Fortnite Christmas Music Videos for the Holidays

It’s not the holidays without a little Fortnite music! Here’s the Fortnite Christmas 2018 theme music and some nostalgic clips of holiday songs from previous years.

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a new set of holiday skins in Battle Royale.  But what we really want is Santa back on our Battle Bus!! Snowball launchers ready folks…

Fortnite Christmas 2018 Music

Does Season 7 have a Christmas Theme?  Absolutely!

Nostalgic Fortnite Christmas Music

Feeling nostalgic for the OLD Fortnite holiday music?  Just play this audio in your background.

Fortnite Santa Battle Bus Music Clip

If you just want *and need* the old Christmas battle bus music, here you go!

Fortnite Holiday Jingle Video Parody

And a shout-out to Blake Merryman for making us smile with his Fortnite parody featuring traditional holiday songs. We hope you get a laugh from it, too!!

Happy Holidays from Nog Ops and Yuletide Ranger

Who doesn’t look better with puffy winter hats and a ugly-looking red and green sweaters

Add some ice-blue pants, green and white gloves, and green/white boots, and you’re ready for action.

Highlights of Fortnite Holiday 2018

  • Will there be snow?  Reportedly, your Fortnite map will be snowy!
  • Will there be a Christmas tree?  Reportedly, Yes
  • When will the Holiday update be released?  Only Epic Games Knows?!? But Fortnite fans are speculating wildly!
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