Mozart’s Lullaby: The World’s Most Lovely Lullaby

Often called the world’s most beautiful lullaby, Mozart’s Lullaby, is a lovely addition to any parent’s song repertoire.  Here are the lyrics for the Mozart Lullaby, also known as Sleep Little One Sleep, or Wiegenlied (“Schlafe mein Prinzchen”).

And don’t be fooled by its name:  Mozart’s Lullaby was not even written by Mozart at all!

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Mozart Lullaby Lyrics

Version 1:

Sleep, little one, go to sleep,
So peaceful birds and the sheep,
Quiet are meadow and trees,
Even the buzz of the bees.
The silvery moon beams so bright,
down through the window give light.

O’er you the moon beams will creep,
sleep little one go to sleep.
good night, good night.

Version 2:

Sleep, little one, go to sleep.
Mother is here by thy bed.
Sleep, little one, go to sleep.
Rest on thy pillow thy head.

The world is silent and still.
The moon shines bright on the hill,
And creeps past thy windowsill.

Sleep, little one, to to sleep.
Oh sleep, go to sleep.

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History of the Lullaby

Mozart’s Lullaby–or “Wiegenlied” in German–is a short and simple melody often played on piano.

The song was composed in the 18th century, and for many years was misattributed to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It is now believed that the melody was composed by either Bernhard Flies or Johann Fleischmann.

The German lyrics were originally written by Friedrich Wilhelm Gotter. There are numerous variations of English lyrics written.

The lullaby is most popular in German, and is one of the most recognizable children’s melodies throughout the world.

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The German Lyrics to Mozart’s Lullaby


Schlafe, mein Prinzchen, schlaf’ ein,
Schäfchen ruh’n und Vögelein,
Garten und Wiesen verstummt,
auch nicht ein Bienchen mehr summt,
Luna mit silbernem Schein
gucket zum Fenster herein,
schlafe bei silbernem Schein,
schlafe, mein Prinzchen, schlaf’ ein,
schlaf’ ein, schlaf’ ein!

Alles im Schlosse schon liegt,
Alles im Schlummer gewiegt,
reget kein Mäuschen sich mehr,
Keller und Küche sind leer,
nur in der Zofe Gemach
tönet ein schmachtendes Ach!
Was für ein Ach mag das sein?
Schlafe, mein Prinzchen, schlaf’ ein,
schlaf’ ein, schlaf’ ein!

Wer ist beglückter als du?
Nichts als Vergnügen und Ruh’!
Spielwerk und Zucker vollauf
und noch Karossen im Lauf,
Alles besorgt und bereit,
dass nur mein Prinzchen nicht schreit.
Was wird da künftig erst sein?
Schlafe, mein Prinzchen, schlaf’ ein,
schlaf’ ein, schlaf’ ein!


Sleep, my little prince, sleep, 
The sheep and the birdies rest, 
The garden and the meadow are quiet,
Not even a little bee buzzes anymore.
Luna, with a silverly glow 
Looks in through the window, 
Sleep by the silvery glow, 
Sleep, my little prince, sleep, 
Sleep, sleep!

By now, all are in bed in the castle, 
All lulled into a slumber, 
No more mice stir, 
The basement and kitchen are empty.
Only in the maid’s chambers
There sounds a languishing sigh! 
What might this sigh be for? 
Sleep, my little prince, sleep,
Sleep, sleep!

Who is happier than you? 
Nothing but pleasure and peace! 
All trinkets and sugar, 
And a trotting stage-coach.
Everyone’s anxious and ready 
That my little prince will just not cry. 
But what will the future bring? 
Sleep, my little prince, sleep,
Sleep, sleep!

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