Fur-ever Friends: Adorable Animal Friendships Video

The most unusual animal pairings make for beautiful relationships in this animal friendship video that will melt your heart.

Celebrate Being Different with This Animal Friendship Video

Cute animals show the world how to “Be Together. Not the Same” in this video, titled “Friends Fur-ever” by Google Android.

A chick snuggles up to a cat. A dog leaps from an elephant.  A cockatiel feeds the pet husky dog a long string of spaghetti.  The cat opens the door for the dog.

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Even animals cooperate and have fun!

Watch the video with your child and discuss how even animals can learn to cooperate and have fun.

Differences are what make us all special.  Discuss with your children how we can learn from each other, help and support our friends, and have fun with people (and animals) that are very different from each other.

In fact, even the most unusual pairings can make for a beautiful friendship.  Celebrate the differences of your friends!
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