Lullabies are soothing, gentle songs, with simple and repetitive lyrics, to help calm a weary child. Here is our favorite list of popular lullaby lyrics to help you remember the words to all the classic lullabies and bedtime songs.

Tired of Rock-a-bye Baby? Looking for new songs to sing to baby? Even sleepy parents, or the musically challenged grandparent or nanny, can learn a new melody to hum along. Then you’ll be ready to sing your precious little one off to sleep…and hopefully, catch a little more sleep time of your own!

“Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast.” – William Congreve


All the Pretty Little Horses: The Hush-a-Bye Lullaby

A beautiful lullaby of bribery, this bedtime folk song promises the baby All the Pretty Little Horses if only the baby will only stop...

Day Is Done: A Peaceful Lullaby of Reverence

A reverent song of peace and respect, Day is Done, is the perfect day-ending lullaby for your little one.  Here are the lyrics for...

Fais Dodo: A French (and Cajun) Lullaby

A yummy song of milk and chocolate, Fais Dodo, is delectable lullaby for your little one.  Here are the lyrics for Fais Dodo, and...

I Gave My Love a Cherry: The Riddle Song Lullaby

A humorous love song of puzzlement, I Gave My Love a Cherry, is a riddle to sing for baby.  Here are the lyrics for...

Lavender’s Blue: The Dilly Dilly English Lullaby

A fairy-tale song of believing in your heart, Lavender's Blue, is a magical lullaby for your little prince or princess.  Here are the lyrics for...

Lullaby and Goodnight: The Brahms’ Lullaby

Instantly recognizable, Lullaby and Goodnight is possibly one of the most loved lullabies worldwide. Here are the lyrics for the bedtime song commonly known as Brahm's...

Mozart’s Lullaby: The World’s Most Lovely Lullaby

Often called the world's most beautiful lullaby, Mozart's Lullaby, is a lovely addition to any parent's song repertoire.  Here are the lyrics for the Mozart Lullaby,...

Rock-a-Bye Baby: The Lullaby You Already Know

The best known lullaby in the English language, Rock-a-Bye Baby, is probably the first song that your child will learn to sing, and (hopefully)...

Sleep, Baby, Sleep: A German Lullaby / Cradle Song

A reassuring song of tranquility, Sleep, Baby, Sleep, promises sweet dreams of fluffy sheep.  Here are the lullaby lyrics for this German lullaby, known as Schlaf,...

Somewhere Over the Rainbow: A Hopeful Lullaby of Imagination

Where is the land that you heard of once in a lullaby?  Somewhere Over the Rainbow, of course!  A hopeful song of imagination, Somewhere...


Benefits of Singing a Lullaby to Your Baby

Why should you sing to your baby?  Unlike the passive interaction of playing background music on a stereo, singing a lullaby helps children:

  • Learn to distinguish their parents voice, a critical step for language development


  • Develop social interaction via eye contact


  • Provide a child with the physical security that a parent or caregiver is near


  • Nurture the child-caregiver relationship by fostering a sense of safety and trust


Put the phone down, cuddle your child, and sing.

Rocking and holding an infant during the song time also helps promote bonding between child and caregiver. Infants exhibit a natural preference for their own parent’s voice over that of other people.  This sense of trust and safety cannot be instilled by passively listening to music.

Research studies have shown the children must be in physical proximity to promote language development. The shape of your mouth forming words and sounds, the emotionality of your tone, and the intonation of your specific voice, are all crucial to an  infant’s ability to learn language. These crucial language skills cannot be obtained by passively listening to music over the stereo, or watching videos.

Passively listening to digital music does not promote language development, social interaction, or bonding. You must sing!

Music therapists classify lullabies as “lullaments” which support psychological security, soothe the soul, and instill resilience during times of vulnerability. Even into adulthood, many people fondly reminisce about their mother’s or grandmother’s voice, singing a favorite lullaby.

Dads can certainly join in the nurturing and bonding, too!  Check our our list of lullaby lyrics for Dads to sing.

How We Chose Our Favorite Lullabies

Our collection includes lullabies drawn from poems, folk songs, nursery rhymes, including classic melodies throughout the world. From Wolfgang Mozart to Rudyard Kipling, to Mother Goose and even The Beatles, there is lullaby on our list for every parent and child to love.

Bedtime is one of the sweetest joys children and parents share. It’s a chance to cuddle together, unwind, and be grateful for the day. Many of these bedtime songs mimic a soothing rocking motion, while others create reassuring repetitive lilts with murmuring tones to encourage slumber.

Lullabies are often the first words most children will hear, even before they can understand what words mean. Providing infants and toddlers with a diversity of melodies, from many unique cultures, provides them with a variety of different sounds and intonations to help promote early language development. Repetitive lullaby lyrics help reinforce memory and learning.

For parents and caregivers, lullabies paint images reflecting tenderness, imagination, and affection. Moonlit dreamscapes, protective angels, and tranquil scenes of nature can soothe even the most weary grown-up into tranquility and peace. We have included lullabies from famous poets and classical music composers to entertain even the most savvy parents.

Whether instilling a sense of calm and wonder to weary little eyes, or protecting children from harm with a melodic blessing, these lullaby lyrics bring a charm-like delight of rhyme, rhythm, and song to any bedtime routine. Happy Slumber!



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