5 Common Sunscreen Myths and Tips

Tips for Using Sunscreen Effectively

Check out this Video from Consumer Reports regarding common myths and tips for using Sunscreen.

Myth #1: Spray sunscreens provide the best coverage.

  • Truth: Both spray and lotion sunscreens work equally well. However, it is more difficult to apply spray evenly which could lead to less protection.
  • Tip: Spray sunscreens are flammable. Make sure to let it dry before going near open flames.

Myth #2: Kids need a special formula of sunscreen.

  • Truth: The same active ingredients are used in all types of sunscreen.
  • Tip: Use the same sunscreen for your whole family.

Myth #3: You only need a little sunscreen.

  • Truth: Most people use half the sunscreen they really need. Half the sunscreen means 1/2 the SPF protection.
  • Tip: Time matters too. Be sure to allow 15-30 minutes after applying before going into the sun.

Myth #4: Sunscreens always deliver the SPF written on the bottle.

  • Truth: Consumer Reports studies indicate only 2 in 20 were as effective as advertised.
  • Tip: Also use hats, clothing, and shade to supplement your sun protection.

Myth #5: Higher SPF sunscreens are always better.

  • Truth: The difference between an SPF 50 and SPF 100 is only 1%.
  • Tip: No sunscreen is 100% effective. Reapply every 2 hours, and monitor your sun exposure.
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