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Nine month old Grace sitting on grass

Getting Ready to Move – An Infant Development Overview

You may still consider them babies, but by 9 months, children have a distinct personality displaying a wide-range of emotions and budding independence. You’re discovering your infant as an individual for the first time. Infant...
Toddler running through grass

Running Wild and Pulling Hair: 18 Month Old Development

Your toddler is expressing new emotions and behaviors – using grabby hands and quick legs, as his motor behavior peaks at around 18 months old. The “typical” 18 month old is lovable, often stubborn,...
Asian one year old with finger in mouth closeup

An Individual with Attitude: One Year Old Child Development

Realizing that your child has a personality with strong desires, feelings and needs is one of the hardest realizations for a parent. Understanding one year old child development will help you tune into her...