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Infant crying on grass holding a flower

Why Attachment, Anger, and Separation Anxiety in Babies is Normal

Your 7-14 month old infant expresses a wide-range of emotions as a normal part of social-emotional development including joy, attachment, separation anxiety, and even anger. At around 7 months, infants become attached to their primary...
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Why Goodbyes are Hard for Infants and Toddlers

All children go through temporary periods of separation anxiety which usually peaks between 10-18 months of age and then fades by 2 ½ years old. Separation anxiety is an indication of strong bonds of...
Toddler with hands on face looking worried

Coping with Separation Anxiety: Tips That Build Trust with Your Child

Dealing with separation anxiety in a positive manner helps build a sense of trust and safety with your child . Your teaching them that you will return, and that they will be safe and...
Boy with lipstick kiss

The Kiss Goes On: A Kissing Hand Poem for Soothing Separation Anxiety

Help your little one learn to say goodbye with the perfect story for soothing separation anxiety. Read The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn and teach your child The Kiss Goes On poem. The Kiss Goes On -...
Asian one year old with finger in mouth closeup

An Individual with Attitude: One Year Old Child Development

Realizing that your child has a personality with strong desires, feelings and needs is one of the hardest realizations for a parent. Understanding one year old child development will help you tune into her...