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Baby sitting in pot with water and vegetables

Kids Eating Habits Are Set During Infancy

The foods children eat as babies influence how healthy they eat later in life. Studies published in the journal of Pediatrics suggest parents should be concerned about the quality of their child’s diet at an...
Artwork of Girl with heart lipstick with Candy and Cake on Head

What Parents Don’t Know About Sugar

Even when limiting the sweet-stuff, most parents seriously underestimate the impact of sugar on kids. But the news isn't all bad.  Get the real nitty-gritty with these surprising facts about sugar and kids, including top science videos on sugar research. Surprising facts...
Toddler with lollipop looking skeptical

5 Sweet Ways for Reducing Kids Sugar Intake

Fine-tune your child's taste buds by limiting sweetened products during childhood. You'll be setting the groundwork for a lifetime of healthy eating with these simple tips for reducing sugar intake. Simple Tips for Reducing Sugar Intake of Children #1...