The Toddler’s Creed Poem & Rules of Possession

The Toddler Creed Poem by Dr Burton White

Every toddler has two favorite words: “No” and “Mine.” Watching your little one claim every train, grab another child’s blankie, and break down in tears at the playground sandbox is tough for parents.  Imagine how it feels for your toddler?

“Mine! Mine! Mine!” “Sweetie, I think that shovel belongs to this little girl.” “NO!!!” When you’re in the trenches of terrible twos, try to find humor in these trying moments.

Your two year old can’t comprehend what sharing is about yet. They need to develop a healthy sense of ownership and empathy before they are developmentally ready to freely give their precious belongings to another.  Give them time to develop these skills.
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“The Toddler’s Rules of Possession” – The Toddler’s Creed Poem

Print out this list of “The Toddler’s Rules of Possession”, based on the Toddler’s Creed by Dr. Burton White, as a reminder to be patient with your little one. One day they really will learn to share!!

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Toddler Creed by Dr. Burton White
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