What Animal is Your Child? Find Their Chinese Zodiac Sign

Chinese astrology is based on the lunar year your child was born!

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According to the Chinese zodiac, the year a child was born provides a horoscope of their personality. Each year is represented by a different animal.

Chinese astrology believes that people born under that animal will resemble that animal’s characteristics. So, What Animal is Your Child’s Birth Year?!?

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Find Your Child’s Chinese Horoscope Based on Their Year of Birth

Scroll down to find your child’s birth year, or use this Chinese Zodiac Calculator to find their animal!

Year of the Dog

2018 2006 1994

The Dog is honest, lovable, and faithful — though completely stubborn.

Always trying to do their best, the Dog likes hanging out with people they know and love.

Lucky Color:  Shades of Red
Symbolizing passion and vitality

Year of the Pig

2019 2007 1995

With great kindness and intelligent, the Pig lives to help other people.

Sometimes the Pig can be a bit lazy, late and forgetful.

Lucky Color: Shades of Pink
Symbolizing devotion and romanticism

Year of the Rat

2020 2008 1996

The clever and wealthy Rat is resourceful and affluent.

Though forever cheerful, the Rat can sometimes be a bit impatient.

Lucky Color: Shades of Blue
Symbolizing ideals and wisdom

Year of the Ox

2021 2009 1997

The hardworking Ox is always honest and down-to-earth, and also loyal and patient.

Sometimes late-bloomers, the Ox can be rather stubborn, and needs to keep an open-mind.

Lucky Color: Shades of Black
Symbolizing courage and responsibility

Year of the Tiger

2022 2010 1998

Brave, intelligent, and powerful, the Tiger is a force to be reckoned with.

This can often get the Tiger into a lot of trouble.

Lucky Color:  Olive or Grass Green
Symbolizing peace and nature

Year of the Rabbit

2023 2011 1999

Lucky, happy, and ambitious, the Rabbit is well-liked and popular.

Rabbits do not care about appearing smart, they truly want to learn everything.

Lucky Color: Shades of Purple
Symbolizing charisma and mystery

Year of the Dragon

2024 2012 2000

Brave and adventurous, the energetic Dragon is never boring.

Practicality and handling boredom are often their challenges.

Lucky Color: Orange and Yellow
Symbolizing worldliness and tact

Year of the Snake

2025 2013 2001

Focused and wise, the Snake is a charmer.

They always do their best, because they fear failure, but sometimes they over-think.

Lucky Color: Shades of Off-White or White
Symbolizing perfection and truthfulness

Year of the Horse

2026 2014 2002

Horses can be impulsive and willful, though rather shy.

They often think people will not like them, but everyone always does, as they are quite lovable.

Lucky Color: Gold
Symbolizing generosity and respectability

Year of the Goat

2027 2015 2003

Self-less, elegant, and wise is the Goat.

The Goat likes correctness which makes them hard workers.

Lucky Color: Silver
Symbolizing tolerance and gentleness

Year of the Monkey

2028 2016 2004

Quick, funny, and clever is the Monkey.

They tend to chatter, and entertain everyone.

Lucky Color: Shades of Yellow
Symbolizing change and curiousity

Year of the Rooster

2029 2017 2005

A perfectionist with a sharp-mind, a Rooster will always follow the rules.

But sometimes a Rooster can try a little too hard to show-off.

Lucky Color: Shades of Orange Red
Symbolizing resolve and wealth

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Chinese Astrology Artwork by vacaliebres °|CC

Does your child resemble their Chinese zodiac animal, or is their horoscope based on their birth year all wrong?!?

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