Five Little Pumpkins – Quintessential Halloween Poems for Preschoolers

5 Jack o Lanterns Sitting on a Fence

Remember the folk poem, the Five Little Pumpkins?  Fall into autumn with these classic poems about pumpkins every preschooler loves to learn!

Poems and Fingerplays About Pumpkins

Five Little Pumpkins Poem #1

Five Little Pumpkins
Sitting on the Gate.
(Hold up five fingers.)

The First One Said,
“Oh My, It’s Getting Late.”
(Hold up one finger, then put hands on cheeks with surprised expression.)

The Second One Said,
“There are Witches in the Air.”
(Hold up two fingers, then wave arms in air like wind.)

The Third One Said,
“But We Don’t Care!”
(Hold up three fingers, then put hands on hips, and shrug shoulders.)

The Fourth One Said,
“Let’s Run, and Run, and Run.”
(Hold up four fingers, then pretend you are running in place.)

The Fifth One Said,
“I’m Ready for Some Fun.”
(Hold up five fingers, then make silly expression.)

Then Whoosh! Went the Wind,
and Out! Went the Light.
(Close fingers in circle, then out to side jazz hands for whoosh motion.)

And the Five Little Pumpkins
Rolled Out of Sight.
(Roll arms in churning motion.)

Illustrator Dan Yaccarino

Five Little Pumpkins Printable  – Black & White Version

Click to download the black and white Five Little Pumpkins Printable Pdf.

Five Little Pumpkins Poem#2

(For Fingerplay, Count down the pumpkins and mime giving the pumpkins away.)

Five Little Pumpkins Sitting By the Door.
I Gave One to My Mother, and Now There are Four.

Four Little Pumpkins, Such a Sight to See.
I Gave One to My Father, and Now There are Three.

Three Little Pumpkins, I Knew What to Do.
I Gave One to My Sister, and Now There are Two.

Two Little Pumpkins, Sitting in the Sun.
I Gave One to My Brother, and Now There is One.

One Little Pumpkin, Isn’t It Fun?
I’ll Give It to You, and Then I’ll Have None!

Pumpkin, Pumpkin On the Ground Preschool Song

(Sung to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”; For Fingerplay, mime the planting of the seed, and use arms for big and round.)

Pumpkin pumpkin on the ground
How’d you get so big and round
Planted as a seed so small
Now you are a great big ball
Pumpkin pumpkin on the ground
How’d you get so big and round


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