Announcing Famlii – Parenting for the Digital Age

Famlii provides reliable, socially-engaging content for child rearing in the Digital Age.

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Famlii is a new parenting website which provides reliable, socially-engaging content for raising children in the digital age.

Famlii is a new website for parents who want a fresh, simplified look at parenting. The design departs from the standard “advice” format of other parenting websites by offering more socially engaging, visually appealing content for child rearing.

Reliable, Social-Engaging Parenting Content

Famlii offers a thoughtful approach to modern life with kids. “Today’s parents are overwhelmed by ‘kitsch parenting’ – humorous mommy blogs, ill-humored parenting books, and trivialized parenting fads. But after parents stop laughing, then what?”, says Famlii Chief Editor Lauren Schwartz.

“Parents want to do more than just find humor in their parenting woes; they want simple, actionable solutions for parenting.” continues Schwartz. “Famlii provides reliable parenting tools in a media-friendly format for parents on-the-go. The website includes concise, creative articles, focused on supporting the well-being of families.”

Inspired by the Cooperative Education Movement

The inspiration behind Famlii came from the Cooperative Education and Parent-Participation Preschool Movements which advocate for more research-based parent education, family support, and community involvement in child rearing.

Famlii also celebrates the uniqueness of each family, parent, and child. The website showcases visually stunning photography from real-life families, aspiring artists, and professional photographers from around the world.

Focused on Thoughtful Child Rearing

  • Concise Articles on Topics like Parenting Styles, Healthy Family Living, and Positive Discipline
  • Talented Writers who are Child Psychologists, Parent Educators, and Educational Specialists
  • Latest Research-Based Discoveries in Child Development and Parenting Science
  • Timely Parenting News and Trends relevant to Child Rearing
  • Insightful Book Reviews and Product Recommendations for Parents
  • Dynamic, Responsive Website Design

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