Polar Bear Playing with Red Ballvideo

Play is More than Fun: Dr. Stuart Brown’s TED Talk about Play

Founder of the National Institute for Play and a pioneer of play research, Dr Stuart Brown advocates that play is critical for humans of all...
Outdoor mud tub filled with boys

What is Sensory Play?

Have you ever tried to describe the smell of grass or feel of sand between your toes to your child? Some things can not be taught...
Collage artwork of children playing dress-up

Why Kids Need 12 Types of Play

Play is the fundamental learning mode and emotional outlet of childhood. But is all play the same? Turns out, kids need to engage in a various...

12 Types of Play Infographic

The 12 Types of Play Infographic depicts how play evolves as children grow, how social development is linked with play, and the important role...
Girl running with pink shoes on hopscotch court

What Children are Learning Through Play

Learning and playing are not separate activities. Play is essential for a child's cognitive, emotional, and physical development. Learning through play is a term used...