Timeless Friendship: A Preschooler and Elderly Man are Best Friends Video

This heartwarming news video highlights the important bond that children can have with the elderly. Too often parents negate the importance of multigenerational relationships. But young and old have a lot to learn from and enjoy about each other.

Minnesota Elderly Man is Best Friends with Little Boy Video

Emmett is a three-year-old boy who loves tractors. Erling is a 89-year-old war veteran who happens to love tractors too. This odd couple are more than just neighbors….they’re best friends.

Emmett and Erling enjoy each other’s company,  whether gardening, playing in the yard, or just hanging out. There’s no schedule, or monetary cost, or forced agenda….they give each other the most important gift of friendship:  Time.
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Nurturing Your Child’s Bonds With the Elderly

  • Talk about aging.  Sometimes children are scared of the elderly. Talk to your child about aging, how skin wrinkles and hair goes gray. Let them know that old people are just like them, only older!
  • Get comfortable. Visit grandparents or volunteer in a nursing home. By frequently visiting the elderly, your child will develop both respect and compassion.
  • Keep it fun.  Often we lecture children about respect and ‘must-dos’ with the elderly, but don’t force the interaction as a chore or burden. Play cards, draw pictures, watch a show together.  Keep it fun, and engaging…..we can all learn a lesson from Emmett and Erling!

Whether it’s a grandparent, neighbor, or family friend, take the time to nurture the bonds of your child’s friendships, no matter what the age.

True friendship is timeless.

Source:  Original airdate July 7, 2014 KARE 11 News, Reporter Boyd Huppert
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