11 Crazy Ice Cream Concoctions for Adventurous Kids (and Adults)

Kids buying from Ice cream truck in Grand Junction
Photo Kazz.0|CC

Want to cool down this summer with some scrumptious ice cream for the kids? Comfort foods and healthy ingredients may make this a delicious-sounding list… but probably not as ice creams. From pizza to stink fruit to glow-in-the-dark ice cream, these weird ice cream flavors require a childlike adventure to enjoy.

1. Pizza Ice Cream

Usually kids ask for pizza and ice cream…..but blending them together? Infuse fresh cream with tomato paste, basil, garlic, and oregano leaves, and Hoila! Pizza ice cream. Little Baby’s Ice Cream in Philadelphia created the flavor to honor of their neighbor store, Pizza Brain, which was trying to win the Guinness Book of World Records for pizza memorabilia.

Orange Ice Cream Pizza flavored
Pizza Ice Cream

2. Green Pea Popsicles

Toddlers love frozen peas, so why not frozen Green Pea Popsicles?  Monmilk in Japan also creates a corn-flavored popsicle, too.

Green Pea Ice Cream Popsicle from Monmilk in Japan
Green Pea Popsicle

3. Macaroni and Cheese Ice Cream

Cheesy noodles….only in frozen form. This is one of those ice cream flavors that’s just gross, but every kid will want to try it.

Macaroni and Cheese Ice Cream
One version of Macaroni Ice Cream – Vanilla Ice Cream, covered with Noodles and Cheese

4. Hagen Daaz Veggie Ice Creams

What a way to eat your veggies! Hagen Daaz Vegetable Ice Creams – “Tomato Cherry” and “Orange Carrot” – were just released in Japan. Hey, at least kids can pretend it’s healthy because it’s made from vegetables!

Haagen Dazs Tomato Cherry and Orange Carrot Ice Creams
Haagen Dazs Tomato Cherry and Orange Carrot Ice Creams
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5. Fish ‘n’ Chips Ice Cream

Fish sticks are a favorite kid meal, but leave it to England to create this fishy, salty version of their national dish, the Fish ‘n’ Chip.  Yes, that is a “creamed cod fillet” of ice cream, paired with ice cream potato chips and the traditional salt and vinegar sauce and lemon wedges.  Served on newspaper, of course.Fish and Chips Ice Cream from England

6. Stink Fruit (Durian) Ice Cream

Kids can’t wait to try ice cream made from the “Slinkiest Fruit in the World” – The Durian, which has been described by food writer Richard Sterling as smelling like “turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock.”

A South Asian treat served frequently in Indonesia and Malaysia, sometimes even sprinkled with corn, another odd dessert topping kids will find amusing. You can pick up some Stinky Fruit ice cream at the Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory in New York.

Stink fruit ice cream in a bowl with corn topping
Durian Stinky Fruit Ice Cream with Corn Topping Photo goodiesfirst|CC

7. Purple Yam (Ube) Ice Cream

Color says everything for this purple ice cream made from Ube yams.  For an even more exotic version, try the Halo Halo from Mitchell’s Ice Cream in San Francisco. This flavor is based on the traditional Filipino dessert which includes not only ube, but also buko, langka, mongo beans, palm fruit, and pineapple. Exotic, hey?

Purple Yam Ube Ice Cream in a Cup
Purple Ube Ice Cream Photo brendanlim|CC

8. Glow in the Dark Ice Cream

Part science experiment, part summer treat, Lick Me I’m Delicious creates one-of-a-find personalized flavors including this Jellyfish ice cream which glows when you lick it.  Unfortunately, it also costs $200 a scoop.

Glow in the Dark Jellyfish Ice Cream
Source Lick Me I’m Delicious|Glow in the Dark Jellyfish Ice Cream

Side Note Warning for Parents: Lick Me I’m Delicious also created the infamous Viagra ice cream. So stay clear, unless you’re planning on expanding your family! Each scoop contains 25mgs of Viagra and a splash of bubbly champagne. Cheers!

9. Squid Ink (Ika) Ice Cream

Ummm….tastes like squid.  Looks like tar. The best part for kids is how this turns their mouth all dark. Black is the new green when it comes to health food trends, so the kids maybe on to something here!

Black ice cream flavored with squid ink
Black Squid Ink Ice Cream

10. Spaghetti (Spaghetti Eis) Ice Cream

Yes, that really is ice cream. This German concoction was created by an Italian who presses vanilla ice cream through a Spätzle maker to create “noodles”, adding strawberry topping as the “sauce”, with shredded coconut as the cheese “topping”. Clever, hey?

Try it at home: Squeeze vanilla ice cream through a potato ricer. Top with your favorite strawberry dessert sauce. Add coconut flakes or white chocolate shavings. Serve to your child, who will think you’re a genius!

Ice cream shaped like spaghetti noddles with sauce
Spaghetti Ice Cream from Germany

11. Mochi Ice Cream

What is Mochi? Mochi is pounded sticky rice. Mochi ice cream are little sticky rice balls with an ice cream filling on the inside. The most popular mochi ice cream flavors are green tea (matcha) and red bean paste.

Colorful Mochi Ice Cream Balls
Photo Lola Blue|CC
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