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When to Worry About Temper Tantrums

Toddler tantrums are a normal part of two year old development, but if the outbursts are severe or happen too frequently, they may be an early indication of emotional problems. Your child should have fewer...
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20 Funny Things that Freak Out Toddlers

A few humorous real-life scenarios involving those little irrational dictators, opinionated food critics, short-tempered tyrants, and tender hearted tornados.....otherwise known as, the two year old toddler and what causes their tantrums. Funny Things that Trigger...
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What Your Toddler is Thinking Before a Tantrum

Toddlers do act crazy during tantrums, but they think YOU’RE the crazy one. While your two year old’s communication skills are developing, they can’t tell you how they feel, ask for help, or express frustration...
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Running Wild and Pulling Hair: 18 Month Old Development

Your toddler is expressing new emotions and behaviors – using grabby hands and quick legs, as his motor behavior peaks at around 18 months old. The “typical” 18 month old is lovable, often stubborn,...
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Kicking and Screaming: Is it Really a Tantrum?!?

A temper tantrum is an uncontrollable release of anger, lasting longer than a few minutes. Screaming, throwing, yelling, hitting, crying, biting, and head-banging are all hallmarks of tantrum behavior. Understanding why young children are prone...

Tantrum Survival: How to Handle (and Avoid) Tantrums

Here are some ways to lessen the number of temper tantrums your child has, to respond to a tantrum when it happens, and to help your child learn more about his feelings and healthy...