20 Funny Things that Freak Out Toddlers

A humorous list of what causes tantrums in toddlers.

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A few humorous real-life scenarios involving those little irrational dictators, opinionated food critics, short-tempered tyrants, and tender hearted tornados…..otherwise known as, the two year old toddler and what causes their tantrums.

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Funny Things that Trigger Tantrums in Toddlers

  1. Cutting sandwich in half when he wants it whole.

  2. Leaving sandwich whole when he wants it cut up.Crab Water Bottle

  3. Packing the ‘crab’ water bottle instead of the ‘starfish’ water bottle.

  4. Can’t wear shoes in the bathtub.Banana

  5. You peel the banana. She demands you put it back on.

  6. Poured imaginary tea into wrong imaginary tea cup.Tantrum

  7. Doesn’t want to go to the park. Then, doesn’t want to leave the park.

  8. Her doll wouldn’t go to bed when she says so.Magnetic trains

  9. Magnetic trains won’t go together backwards. Insists they are broken.

  10. Food touches other food on the plate.Balloon

  11. Wants a balloon blown up, but doesn’t want it tied.

  12. Scooping the kitty litter without him.Baby looking

  13. Baby looked at him.

  14. Can’t have just ‘sauce’ for dinner.Elevator Button

  15. Someone else pushes the elevator button.

  16. Wouldn’t let her drive the car. “It’s MY turn!!!!”Strawberry

  17. Asks for more strawberries. Gets more strawberries. Cries.

  18. Insists on going home in the ‘red car’ when you drive a white one.Swing

  19. Wants only daddy to swing her….but daddy’s at work.

  20. Wants to go naked in winter; wants to wear jacket in July.

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