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Tesla Free Supercharging Referral Code

Tesla Ends Free Supercharging Referral Code Link Program

UPDATE September 18, 2021 - Tesla is no longer offering the free supercharging miles referral program and now only offer rewards for Solar Roof purchases - see their updated information here. This is the material...

What is a Frunk, and Why Does My Family Need One?

What is a Tesla Frunk? A frunk is a front-loading trunk, or trunk in the front.  A front trunk. Basically, extra storage space right under the front hood of a car.  It's not huge, but it's...
Family loading up their Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X : The Future of Family Cars is Already Here

The Tesla Model X is a technological piece of wizardry that even non-car enthusiasts can love. Tesla's take on an SUV is luxury-priced and has high-end features along with its spectacular all-electrical engine and...