What is a Frunk, and Why Does My Family Need One?

So what is a Tesla frunk anyway?!?

What is a Tesla Frunk?

A frunk is a front-loading trunk, or trunk in the front.  A front trunk.

Basically, extra storage space right under the front hood of a car.  It’s not huge, but it’s big enough for all those extra family bags when you go grocery shopping, or just loading up all the kid stuff for a family day out.

Why does the Tesla Model X have a Frunk?

Remember where regular cars keep their smelly, old engines?  Well, under the hood of a Tesla Model X, there isn’t an engine — it’s just pollution-free, green storage space — the family-friendly, frunk!

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What Does My Family Need a Tesla Model X?

As Tesla’s founder Elon Musk would say, just like the Tesla Roadster, a Tesla Model X is not “a steam engine with a side of quiche.”

The Model X happens to be one of the most powerful family SUVs on the market, more acceleration than most supercars. It ain’t your mom’s minivan!

If it don’t got frunk…it’s carbon-emitting junk!

Beyond the spacious interior, high-performance driving, and seamless integrated technology, the frunk adds yet another element of practicality and fun, to make the Model X well-worth it’s high-price, for the lucky families who can afford it.

Oh yeah,  and your kids will love the falcon wing doors, too!  Not just practical for fast loading your family, but a great conversation piece with neighbors, too!

How Big is Frunk, and what about Model X Rear Storage Space?

Ok, so maybe not a ball pit, but you get the idea!  Stroller perhaps?!?  Soccer gear?!?  Groceries?!?

Photo Tesla Motors and Max’s Family. Love the License Plate!

And there is still plenty of traditional storage space in the back, even behind the third row of seats.

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