Toddler (and Future Music Conductor) Gets Funky in Church – Video

Toddlers have a zest for life that sometimes bubbles over — even during the most somber moments, like at church.

In this video, titled “When the DJ Drops Your Jam”, a little girl lets her spirit flow by seemingly conducting the music service. Conveying true emotion, you can tell from her adorable facial expressions and hand movements that she’s really feeling the moment.

The video was redubbed with music from Bassnectar and Stylust Beat’s remix of “Loco Ono.”

Wonder what actual song was being sung during the original church service? Was there a music director in front of the audience she was imitating, or are these moves totally her own creations?

It certainly was an inspirational moment for this child, and puts a smile on the face of everyone who watches her!