These Monday’s Child Coloring Pages are Not Sour and Sad

Download our vintage coloring pages of the Monday's Child Poem.

According to Mother Goose, being born on a Thursday means you have far to go. But you won’t have to go far to download our vintage collection of drawings depicting each day of birth from the Monday’s child poem!

Pdf of Coloring Pages of Mondays Child

Where can I find Coloring Pages for Monday’s Child?

You can download our vintage drawings of Monday’s Child poem here:  Mondays Child Poem Coloring Book.

Become like Tuesday’s child, full of grace, with your coloring pencils, or join in with your kids with some Crayolas to liven up these retro black and white drawings.

Each day of week has a separate page, and if you are loving and giving, like Friday’s child, please share the coloring book with a friend!
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What Nursery Rhyme Books Contain the Monday’s Child Poem?

Counting Rhymes by Sharon Kane

Like Wednesday’s child, full of woe, you will be disappointed to learn it’s hard to know what version was originally published — there are just too many versions, and myths, out there.  Currently, it’s even harder to find a book in publication with any version of the Monday’s Child poem!

But there are some classic books and versions known to contain the Mother Goose nursery rhyme, though you’ll have to to look hard to find them!  Try Counting Rhymes – A Little Golden Book by Sharon Kane or the classic Hilda Boswell’s Treasury of Stories, Nursery Rhymes and Verse by Hilda Boswell.

Consider buying a vintage copy of a classic nursery rhyme book  — as vintage books make a great gift for a newborn child!

Is Thursday’s Child Sour and Sad in the Original Version?

Early Version Published in 1873 in St. Nicholas Magazine

Interestingly, in the earliest versions of the Monday’s Child poem, Thursday’s Child is sour and sad, and Wednesday’s child is not full of woe, but much merrier — happy and glad!

We think the author of each version just picked a merrier fortune for themselves, simply based on when they were born!!

So, a Wednesday child is not doomed to woe, nor should a Thursday child be stereotyped as sour and sad.  Find a positive version to share with your child!!
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