‘If You Give A Mom a Latte’ Inspired by Laura Numeroff

A poem about motherhood inspired by Laura Numeroff’s 'If you Give a Mouse a Cookie' 

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Hectic mothers with young children can relate to this humorous poem about motherhood inspired by children’s author Laura Numeroff and her book ‘If you Give a Mouse a Cookie’.

If You Give a Mom a Latte

If you give a mouse a cookie holding
Illustration | Felicia Bond

If you give a mom a cookie…..she’ll probably want a latte to go with it.

To get her latte, she’ll have to pack the diaper bag.

When she tries to pack the diaper, she’ll find an open box of raisins,
her missing cell phone, one toddler shoe, but no diapers.

She’ll loudly ask her toddler how her cell phone got into the diaper bag,
and accidentally wake up the baby from his morning nap.

When she tries to pick up the baby, the cell phone rings.

When she answers, it’s the pediatrician’s office reminding her that she missed their appointment
and asking her if she’d like to reschedule next month.

While she’s trying to mentally visualize her calendar, the baby starts crying and
she realizes her toddler has found the open box of raisins which is now scattered across the floor.

When she gets a broom to sweep up, she finds the missing toddler shoe under the kitchen table,
and remembers she needs diapers.

If you give a mouse a cookie glass with drinking straw
Illustration | Felicia Bond

She’ll wrestle the kids into the car, and drive to the store.

In the store, she suddenly realizes she’s wearing sweat pants, a ponytail, and baby spit-up.
Of course, she runs into several friends.

When she tries to speak with her friends,
her toddler spots an Elmo balloon and goes crazy yelling “Mine, Mine, Mine”.

This upsets the baby who begins crying loudly.

She reaches into the diaper bag to give her toddler a quieting snack,
but suddenly remembers the raisins are missing.

She frantically heads to the checkout with two screaming children.
She miraculously grabs diapers, bananas, and milk.

While she’s buying milk, she’ll remember she wanted a latte.
And if she manages to order her latte without another tantrum….

Then she’s probably going to need another cookie to go with it.


Motherhood Poem Inspired by ‘If You Give a Mouse a Cookie’ By Laura Numeroff with Illustrations by Felicia Bond


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