Little Things: A Poem about Small Acts of Kindness

Little Things poem is an inspirational poem about the value of living in the moment and about the power of small acts of kindness. Written...

The Recipe for a Good Mother

Motherhood isn't easy, and requires a little humor. Here's a short poem to remind all moms that patience and faith are the key ingredients...
Italian mother hugging two children closeup b&w

Confessions of an Imperfect Mother

I often struggle with the myth of becoming ‘the perfect mother.’ But I make mistakes. I don’t have all the answers. And often, I’m...
Coffee latte with foam heart

‘If You Give A Mom a Latte’ Inspired by Laura Numeroff

Hectic mothers with young children can relate to this humorous poem about motherhood inspired by children’s author Laura Numeroff and her book ‘If you...
Danish mother kissing daughter b&w

Tips for Moms Raising Confident and Competent Daughters

Mothers are their daughter’s best role model of womanhood, but raising girls and finding common ground can often be a difficult process. Build a relationship...
Klimet Mother and Child Painting, 1905

Myth of the Perfect Mother

Many mothers strive to become the perfect parent, but in truth, there is no such thing as a perfect mother, or a perfect child. Every...



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