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Family singing in snow on sleigh ride

‘Over the River’: The Children’s Thanksgiving Song

It stings the toes, and bites the nose!  Printable lyrics to every parent and child's favorite Thanksgiving song, 'Over the River and Through the Wood'. Enjoy the vivid imaginary and joyful spirit captured in Lydia Maria Child's famous poem about visiting...
Orange Cranberry Bread Recipe from the Book Cranberry Christmas by Devlin

Mr. Whiskers Loves This Cranberry Bread Recipe

Looking for the secret recipe for Grandmother's famous cranberry bread recipe featured in the childhood classic book Cranberry Thanksgiving? Mr. Whisker's loved it, too! In Cranberry Christmas written by Wendy and Harry Devlin, Grandmother's favorite...

Heartwarming Thanksgiving Books for Preschool

A little turkey humor helps fuel a grateful heart!  Our collection of Thanksgiving Books for preschool age children help instill an attitude of gratitude...while still bringing smiles and warming hearts. Find a special book for your...
Drawing of boy dressed as turkey

The Turkey is a Funny Bird – Preschool Thanksgiving Poems

Fingerplays, songs, and preschool Thanksgiving poems for celebrating the holiday with fun and gratitude. Click here to download a pdf printable of A Turkey is a Funny Bird Printable - Famlii. The Turkey is a Funny Bird...