How to Have a Baby Boy: A Gender Selection Infographic

Want to know how to have a baby boy?

Whether it’s Shettles Method, or Billings Method, or Great-Grandma Louise’s secret-boy-making formula, most natural gender selection methods for increasing the odds of having a boy are based on the theory that Y bearing sperm swim faster, and that Y sperm don’t like high-acid environments.

Here’s some boy making tips if you are a believer in that theory! (Hint:  Boy sperm really don’t swim faster, so believer beware!)

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How to Have a Boy Infographic

Infographic about how to conceive a baby boy

Top Tips for Increasing the Odds of Having a Boy

  • Eat a high potassium diet (in meat, bananas, apricots and celery).
  • Douche with baking soda to decrease acidity (increase alkalinity).
  • Have deep penetration sex.
  • Time intercourse close to ovulation (no earlier than 24 hours before you expect to ovulate)
  • Have the man abstain to increase the alkalinity of sperm.
  • It always helps if the woman orgasms — that’s just plan fun.
  • Have your hubby wear boxer shorts.

How do you know if you are about to ovulate in order to conceive a Boy?

There are many changes which may help a woman know she is almost about to ovulate including:

  • A distinctive pain on one side of their lower abdomen
  • Changes in the cervical mucous, which becomes egg-white and like clear mucous
  • Ovulation Test Kits which detect hormone changes
  • An increase in Basal Body Temperature

But even with years of charting, and the best testing, monthly variations can impend the PRECISE timing of ovulation.  This makes timing of intercourse for a boy rather ludicrous, because those supposedly fast swimmers can make the trek in record time, yet gender selection theorists say to wait as long as possible. Unfortunately a woman can never really know the EXACT timing!!

One trick some women try is to actually wait until immediately AFTER ovulation, although then then the cervical mucous can turn unfriendly.  Ironically, there are more than 250,000,000 sperm in the average male ejaculation, so all this timing and acid stuff really won’t matter in the ultimate conception.  Those girls swim fast too!

What diet should you eat if you want to conceive a Boy?

If you want to conceive a boy baby, eat more of foods containing potassium, like brussel spouts, leafy greens, potatoes, and bananas.

You may want to eat less acidic foods, such as: spicy foods with tart flavors like vinegar, citrus juices and fruits. Avoid eating dairy foods such as milk, cheese, yogurt and ice-cream.

Some researchers believe that taking a supplement of Evening Primrose Oil may boost the chances of conceiving a boy, and you’ll smell lovely, too!

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Keeping it Real…

Remember, the odds of having a boy are always 50:50, no matter what natural gender selection method you try. You can read: Myths of Natural Gender Selection: The Sperm Race to Nowhere.

There are scientifically valid ways to choose the gender of your baby. Please consult with your Ob/Gyn.

All those natural boy making methods really just increase OVERALL fertility, and statistically have nothing to do with gender.  But it’s still fun to think about the common natural gender selection methods that are frequently promoted in diets and books.  Just be ready to love whatever bundle you are blessed with — pink or blue!!

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