How to Have a Baby Girl: A Gender Selection Infographic

Dreaming of pink, and want to know how to have a baby girl?  Is swaying the odds toward pink even possible? Here’s a summary of the most popular natural gender selection tips in order to conceive a girl.

Most natural gender selection methods are based on the theory that the female uterus is less hospitable to Y bearing (boy) sperm, than to X bearing (girl) sperm, and that Y sperm swim faster. (Hint: Science has dispelled both those myths, but if you’re a believer, read on.)

That means that whether it be Shettles Method, or Billlings Method, or some family tradition passed down through the ages, tips for having a girl usually involve lowering your overall fertility — basically, your making it harder for those boy sperm to get to the egg!

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How to Have a Girl Infographic

Infographic about how to conceive a baby girl

Top Tips for Increasing the Chance of Having a Girl

  1. Eat a diet high in magnesium (fish, fruit, and grains) and calcium (milk and yogurt).
  2. Eat high acid foods — like drinking cranberry juice and vinegar-based products
  3. Have shallow sex — missionary position works best.
  4. Time intercourse well BEFORE ovulation (no later than 2-4 days before you expect to ovulate.)
  5. Have the man ejaculate frequently to decrease the alkalinity and quantity of sperm — you can do this by having sex everyday after your period ends.
  6. Don’t orgasm — ah shucks!
  7. Have your hubby wear tight underwear — less sperm.

Will trying to conceive a girl reduce my overall fertility?

Yes; All natural gender selection methods try to reduce Y bearing sperm. This means fewer sperm, and a more ‘dangerous’ uterine environment — high acid.

However ALL sperm, whether they are X bearing (girl) or Y bearing (boy), do not like high acid environments.  With fewer sperm, and a bad environment, a women’s chances for getting pregnant are greatly reduced when following ANY protocol for natural selection of a girl.

Since there is NO scientific difference between X and Y bearing sperm, if a woman wants to get pregnant and is concerned about infertility, it is not advisable to follow the girl swaying techniques.

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Keeping it Real…

Remember, the odds of having a girl are always 50:50, no matter what swaying method you try. You can read: Myths of Natural Gender Selection: The Sperm Race to Nowhere.

There are REAL ways to choose the gender of your baby. Please consult with your Ob/Gyn.

It’s fun to try these natural gender selection tips. Just remember that the pseudoscience frequently promoted in diets and books isn’t true science.  Be ready to love whatever pink or blue bundle you maybe blessed with!!!

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